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Bountifield International Sustainable Solutions for Ending Hunger & Poverty


Support a future where Africa can feed herself.

We can reach millions in Africa with sustainable solutions for ending hunger and poverty.


The Problem

Up to 50 percent of the food produced in Sub-Saharan Africa is lost after the harvest. This happens because of poor handling and processing that result in food being lost to the elements or spoiling before ever reaching a market or a table.

Smallholder farmers, those with under twenty acres of land, are most vulnerable. Smallholders contribute upwards of 90 percent of the food in their countries. Unfortunately, these farmers lack access to newer, more efficient technologies. They continue to rely on manual methods and see little return on what they grow. This cycle contributes to persistent poverty and hunger.

What We Do

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Nourishing Communities

Collaboration With Farmers

We partner with rural African farmers to save food and nourish and sustain their communities.

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Empowering Women

Empowering Women

We empower women to take their rightful place as business leaders and role models in their communities.


Providing Postharvest Business Solutions

Postharvest Solutions

We provide "Solutions in a box" for farmers and food processors to build agricultural businesses with Bountifield services.




Partner with us and join in reaching millions of people in Africa with solutions to reduce the loss of their harvest, produce more usable food, and build self-sustained economic opportunity in their communities.


Partnering with rural African farmers to save food and nourish their communities

We collaborate with farmers to provide solutions that dramatically increase crop yield, and we surround them with an ecosystem of support, including training, repair and maintenance. At Bountifield, we use a farmer-centric approach by collaborating with farmers to develop appropriate solutions that dramatically increases the postharvest output and decreases the loss of crops. We listen and learn so we better understand their challenges and needs in order to introduce solutions that more effectively save food and provides a surplus, increasing their opportunity to sell products that generates higher incomes.

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Improving the lives of African women

Women in rural Africa are vital to farming and income generation in their communities. Inefficient tools however, limit their capacity to process food beyond what is needed to feed their families, inhibiting their opportunities to contribute to the household income in addition to decreasing time available for taking care of their families and themselves. With our tools and postharvest business solutions, we empower women with increased opportunities and access to resources that support them as business leaders and role models in their communities, reducing their drudgery, increasing their efficiency and improving their economic capacity.

We provide sustainable, postharvest business solutions to African farmers and rural entrepreneurs

Agriculture represents the majority of GDP in Sub-Saharan Africa, yet farmers are the most food insecure and the most poor. There are few employment opportunities at the farm level, so farmers continue to migrate from rural areas to cities to find work. Those that stay back lack access to any formal support to improve their farming methods and/or create new business opportunities.   

There is huge potential for Africa to feed herself if and only if we invest in increasing smallholders’ and rural business operators capacity to produce, save, preserve and sell more food.

Bountifield invests in these business models at the community level for increasing quality food supply.


Support Sustainable Solutions

We believe in a holistic approach to building up the capacity of local economies in rural Africa to support all aspects of postharvest agriculture - from building Bountifield tools locally to connecting farmers to markets.

Our Impact



people with access to Bountifield’s tools in more than 50 countries throughout our history.



people currently partnering with us in villages and groups in Senegal, Malawi and Mozambique.

We are so excited about this machine. We used to develop calluses on our palms, but now we can shell a 50 kilogram bag with ease. Now it takes us less time and energy to shell a 50 kilogram bag, than it used to take us to shell a bucket. We save a lot of time.

- Beatrice Mwale

Peanut Farmer in Malawi

I’m proud, as a woman, to be a leader and have respect in my community. I’m proud that I don’t need to ask for help. I can take care of my family.

- Aissatou

Senegalese Farmer & Grinder Owner

This is a miracle! Growing peanuts has become so simple.

- Olin

Malawi Peanut Farmer

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