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She Feeds Africa Women in Agribusiness Leading Resilient Food Systems

Improved access for women = power and growth.

Watch now and see how Bountifield is making a difference in the lives of African women.

Envisioning an Africa free from hunger, poised to feed the world.

We create opportunities across Africa for rural farmers & entrepreneurs.

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Postharvest Technology Solutions

Postharvest Technology Solutions

We provide postharvest technology packages to micro, small, & medium enterprises (MSMEs) across sub-Saharan Africa. 


Nourishing Communities

Improved Food Security

Our solutions support rural communities to process, save, and sell more food, increasing the amount of locally grown food available for market.

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Empowering Women

Inclusive Growth

We empower women with access to resources and technological support so that they may grow as business leaders and role models in their communities.


Support Beyond the Tool

Business in a Box

With a variety of business training & co-investment strategies, we enable entrepreneurs to cultivate their own food businesses & develop greater economic opportunity.


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Bountifield AnnualReport FY2020 Cover Aspect Ratio

FY 2020 Annual Report

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Women Entrepreneurs Leading Resilient Food Systems in Africa

Malawi groundnut farmer

Making small-scale farmers a priority is a must

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Unlocking Access to Postharvest Technologies in Kenya

The Challenge

Up to 50 percent of the food produced in sub-Saharan Africa is lost after the harvest.

This happens in part because of poor handling and inefficient processing that results in spoilage or damage before ever reaching a market or a table. Smallholder farmers contribute upwards of 90 percent of the food consumed in their countries yet they lack access to newer, more efficient technologies or other postharvest support services. They continue to rely on manual methods and see little return on what they grow, minimizing any opportunities for income-generating activities or distribution of food products to consumers beyond their villages. This cycle contributes to the persistent poverty and hunger of their communities.




Support Sustainable Solutions

Invest in a holistic approach to building up the capacity of local economies in rural Africa to support all aspects of postharvest agriculture — from manufacturing Bountifield tools locally to connecting farmers to markets.

Enable farmers to cultivate their own businesses and develop opportunities for the next generation of agricultural entrepreneurs. 

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