Announcing the postponement of our 2020 Gala

As the world faces the enormous challenges presented by the coronavirus, we at Bountifield are striving to ensure the important work you support goes on – even as we make difficult but necessary decisions that will impact our efforts in the short term.   

With the health and safety of our neighbors as our top priority, we regretfully announce the postponement of the Annual Bountifield Gala scheduled for April 30th, 2020.  We will share a new date once this crisis has passed. 

Even as we adapt to protect our loved ones and our communities, we are still focused on maintaining our programs as best we can. We ask that you consider the heavy toll this situation will take on the small farmers in Africa who are already struggling against enormous odds. Supporting strong food systems where nutritious food is available for all will be more urgent than ever. If you can contribute to Bountifield at this time, please do so. Donations from supporters like you will ensure that our field operations in Malawi, Senegal, and Kenya will carry on uninterrupted through and past the pandemic. With your help, crops will continue to be planted, harvested and processed; incomes will continue to rise; children will continue to attend school; villages will continue to flourish. 

As this pandemic has shown us, we are indeed living in a global community.  More than ever, our lives are intertwined, and our efforts to help others are connected to our own progress and prosperity. This reality is at the heart of Bountifield’s vision: an Africa that feeds itself will also feed the world.  

We sincerely appreciate your belief in and support of our work and our mission.  It is needed now more than ever before. 

We wish you and yours well during this fraught and uncertain time.  

Alexandra Spieldoch 
Bountifield International