Bountifield Among Recipients of the 2022 Golden Pear Grants from American Fundraising Foundation

MAITLAND, Fla. (12/15/2022) – The American Fundraising Foundation (AmFund) announced recipients of the 2022 Golden Pear Grants during a live stream on Facebook in a record breaking $250,000 distribution of funds and an additional $100K in-kind donations through its Educational Foundation.

Bountifield International was selected for an unrestricted grant in the amount of $2,500. This years Golden Pear Grants received over 2,500 applications and Bountifield was among the 57 organizations chosen to receive funds for general operational support.

“We are pleased to present Bountifield International with a Golden Pear Grant. Their application was very compelling, and their important work transforms farmers livelihoods,” said Deborah Marshall, Chief Operating Officer of the American Fundraising Foundation. “We are grateful for all they are doing to make a difference. The Golden Pear is part of our logo and symbolizes good health, prosperity, longevity and future happiness – all the things we hope for them and the many organizations that impact lives daily.”

Bountifield International is a Minnesota-based nonprofit whose mission is to create opportunities across Africa for rural communities to efficiently process, save, and sell more food. Their innovative one-to-many model helps to create more affordable access to much-needed postharvest processing equipment that saves both time and labor, resulting in reduced food loss, increased incomes and improved food security.

“We are delighted to receive this grant from AmFund in recognition of our work in Africa,” said Alexandra Spieldoch, Chief Executive Officer of Bountifield International. “Grants like these are important to support our operations so that we can continue to develop and deliver our programs for smallholder farmers.”

To learn more about Bountifield and the impact for rural communities in Africa, visit

About the American Fundraising Foundation

Each year, the American Fundraising Foundation (AmFund) carefully chooses organizations to support through sponsorship of events, year-end grant distribution, virtual silent auctions, and other programs to raise much-needed unrestricted funds for the important mission of those organizations. AmFund currently partners with over 500 organizations in support of their funding needs. 

The national headquarters of AmFund is located in Florida and opens its training center to nonprofit organizations for lunch and learns as well as special programs. Its Educational Foundation is a Federally recognized 501(c)3 and provides professional training for Development Directors, Executive Directors, Board Members, and others leveraging more than two decades of fundraising experience. It offers expertise in a wide variety of topics for groups ranging in size from 12 to 1000. 

Since its inception in 1999, the American Fundraising Foundation has distributed more than $44 million for worthy causes. Its signature silent auctions featuring once-in-a-lifetime experiences are presented at organizations’ special events, whether in person, virtual or hybrid events, drawing admiration, praise and excitement as the entire process elevates the event in the eyes of patrons, board members and the community.

Additionally, AmFund annually donates unrestricted funds known as Golden Pear Grants, to select organizations.

The Golden Pear, prominently part of AmFund’s logo, is deeply rooted in history as well as in its mission. Throughout history, even before the written word, the pear has been honored as a sacred fruit signifying wisdom, prosperity, good health, longevity, and future happiness – all the things Amfund seeks for its nonprofit partners.

For more information about AmFund, visit or call (407) 895-8000. Read AmFund’s blog at and connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Bountifield International

For more than 40 years, Bountifield International has spearheaded small-scale postharvest technology projects in rural communities, benefiting more than a million people in over 50 countries along the way. Today, the organization is focused on sub-Saharan Africa where there is the greatest need to link innovation with efforts to achieve food security and inclusive growth. Bountifield’s one-to-many approach creates affordable access to much-needed postharvest technologies for smallholder farmers along with technical support, entrepreneurial business training, and identifying financial resources.

Bountifield was founded in 1981 by retired food scientists and engineers from General Mills and Pillsbury and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with current programs in Kenya. Visit for more information.

AmFund Media Contact:

Deborah Marshall
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
(407) 895-8000

Bountifield Media Contact:

Stevie Kloeber
Director of Communications and Marketing
(651) 632-3912