Bountifield Unveils New Impact Report from Program Activities in Kenya

2020-2023 Kenya Impact Report

Bountifield is pleased to present the latest report on impact from the One-to-Many program in Kenya. This report analyzes three years of data across five harvest seasons from October 2020 – March 2023. Launched in 2020 with funding from Seeding the Future Foundation and The van Lengerich Family, the Mavuno Bora program (Better Harvest in Swahili) develops micro-entrepreneurs as postharvest service provides to support smallholder farmers with access to postharvest processing equipment.

Over the five seasons observed, our entrepreneurs have processed a combined 3,123,157 Kgs of crops, saving farmers, particularly women, 114,760 hours of time and labor. Entrepreneurs and farmers have increased their incomes, decreased postharvest losses and increased the supply of locally grown crops into market.

This report illustrates how improving access to technology, business and technical training, and financial resources, especially for women and youth, helps to stimulate job growth and improve food security in rural communities. Learn more about the impact of Mavuno Bora in our latest report.