Young Entrepreneurs Partner to Expand Services for Smallholder Farmers

November 5, 2023

In recent months, we have been excited to see Bountifield’s young entrepreneurs actively seek to collaborate, partner and mentor one another.

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She Feeds Africa: Creating Opportunities for Rural Women

October 15, 2023

In September, Bountifield onboarded 10 new women entrepreneurs as part of the “She Feeds Africa” initiative, in Kenya creating improved access for rural women.

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Young entrepreneur brings postharvest technology to farmers

December 7, 2021

With the SL-3 thresher, Silvester provides postharvest services to farmers as a fee-for-service business to help them save both time and labor.

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Empowering Rural Women in Agriculture

October 15, 2021

Rural women play a significant role in agriculture and with improved access to resources, are key contributors to building more resilient food systems.

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Women Entrepreneurs Leading Resilient Food Systems in Africa

March 8, 2021

While the coronavirus pandemic has been disruptive to the daily lives of everyone around the world, it also both highlights and exacerbates inequities of specific groups of people. One of…

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Agribusiness Helps Smallholder Farmers Navigate Market Challenges

October 23, 2020

Nicholas Owiti, a father of three, owns and operates a Farm Service Centre (FSC) in Homa Bay County in Western Kenya. Through his FSC, he helps 500 local farmers obtain…

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From Seasonal to Year-Round Business Activities

September 30, 2020

Access to time and labor-saving technologies not only makes postharvest processing more efficient but is also a beneficial resource for entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Improving Quality of Cassava with Postharvest Drying Technologies

September 29, 2020

When drying cassava in open-air, it takes Namasango 3-4 weeks to fulfill an order of 10 metric tons. The dryer however, is expected to reduce the fulfillment time to just one week.

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Female-Owned Agribusiness Provides Sorghum Threshing Services to Kenyan Farmers

September 28, 2020

Jane Kisia has been a sorghum entrepreneur, and farmer for over seven years in Kisumu County in Western Kenya. She is proud to help over 1,000 farmers, particularly women by offering commercial threshing services for greater productivity.

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