CTI Is Now Bountifield International

Dear Friends,

Starting April 15th, 2019, Compatible Technology International is officially Bountifield International. Over our 38 years working with farmers in developing countries, we have expanded to provide services beyond the technology development that gave us our name and we now do so much more.

We provide tools and training so Elhadji’s village in Senegal can save more food from their harvest and nourish their community. We work with women like Fatou, who uses our thresher and grinder as part of her thriving business creating income generating food products like millet flour or peanut paste. We partner with the African private sector to manufacture and distribute our tools in the same economy where they will be used. 

Today, we are embracing our deeper impact: working hand-in-hand with farming communities to create systemic changes that will impact generations. That means developing compatible technology but also means providing training for small-scale food business development and investment in economic growth in the smallholder food and ag environment. We can create sustainable solutions for ending hunger and poverty. 

We partner with farmers so they can unleash their full potential as entrepreneurs and maximize their ability to produce nutritious food products that nourish their communities. Together we can build a more bountiful future where the persistent cycle of hunger and poverty in Africa no longer exists. 

Over our history, we’ve touched hundreds of thousands of lives around the globe. With our renewed and expanded vision, we know that we will reach millions.  

Thank you, 

Alexandra Spieldoch
Bountifield CEO