Entrepreneurs Create Positive Impact for Farmers

Bountifield’s 2nd White Paper on the Mavuno Bora Program.

Bountifield International is pleased to share Phase I results from its program in Kenya, entitled Mavuno Bora, (Swahili for better harvest), funded by the van Lengerich family. Phase I of this program was launched and rolled out in 2020-2021. We have designed and have been testing our innovative business model to unlock access to postharvest processing technology for rural communities to strengthen their local food systems. In a short time, we have seen promising results- even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The results of the initial phase have been captured and presented in great detail in our second white paper on the program. This paper describes key learnings to-date while highlighting strategies and approaches to achieve greater technology adoption and access, more inclusive value chains, fair returns, and food security for rural communities. We showcase our collaboration with the African private sector and financing partners. And we report on the positive impact that rural entrepreneurs – including women and youth – are already having on thousands of farmers to help them save time and labor, and to increase their revenue.