She Feeds Africa She Feeds the World

In Africa, women are the ones primarily responsible for postharvest activities and food preparation. In the month of October, we are celebrating women's potential for leading and revolutionizing resilient food systems that will feed their communities and the world!

Act Local, Think Global World Food Day Fundraiser Challenge

At Bountifield, we focus on solutions that drive equitable and sustainable change to generate resilient food systems that work for people and the environment. This includes improving access to postharvest technologies to reduce food loss and to increase the supply of nutritious food available at markets.

But in addition to supporting African farmers and entrepreneurs, there are things that YOU can do right in our own homes and local communities that affect our health, planet and food producers.

That's why, throughout the month of October, we are hosting our World Food Day Fundraiser Challenge!

We CHALLENGE YOU to rethink your own relationship with food and how your habits can impact people and planet. Join us as we RETHINK food systems both locally and globally.

You can participate in 3 EASY steps:

  1. Pick a food-based challenge from the options below & set a fundraising goal.
  2. Create your personalized fundraising page.
  3. Share your unique link with your friends and family to donate in support of your challenge activity!

PLUS! We'll be giving away prizes to our top 3 fundraisers! Create your fundraiser page for your chance to win!

All proceeds from your fundraiser support Bountifield's ongoing work creating opportunities across Africa to process, save, and sell more food.

Select an October Challenge


Eat a Plant-Based Diet

Reduce your meat & dairy consumption with a vegetarian, plant-forward, or vegan diet.


Reduce Your Personal Waste

Incorporate habits to reduce your own food waste.


Support Women-Owned Businesses

Support women-owned restaurants and food businesses in your own community!


Support African Restaurants

Find African restaurants or food products in your local communities to celebrate African culture!


Try New Recipes

Try out new recipes incorporating different ingredients such as cassava, millet or sorghum.

For whatever challenge you choose, share your World Food Day Challenge journey with your friends and family by adding updates to your page and encourage them to support your goals with a donation to Bountifield!

All proceeds support Bountifield's ongoing work creating opportunities across Africa to process, save, and sell more food.

Other Ways to Support

Donate Online

Support someone else's food challenge journey or simply donate to the campaign. View our fundraising page to support today! Make your gift online today with options including credit card, bank account, or wallet.

Fundraise for Bountifield

Want to deepen your impact and connection to Bountifield but don't want to participate in a challenge? You can still create a personal fundraising page and share with your friends and family all the reasons why you support Bountifield!

Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Don't want to create a fundraising page through JustGiving? No problem! You can easily start a fundraiser on Facebook and raise money in support of Bountifield.

Donate Online

If you would like to donate via check, please mail payable to:

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Memo: World Food Day OR name of fundraiser you want to support

Donor-Advised Funds

Do you have a charitable giving fund? Designate a gift to Bountifield through your donor-advised fund today.

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Use DAF Direct to make your gift now from Fidelity, Schwab or BNY Mellon.

Please be sure to the mailing address is correct as we moved in 2019

Donate Stock

We welcome transfers of stock!

1. Please have your investment professional transfer the stock to our Schwab account # 2450 0547 (DTC #0164).

2. Once you have placed your transfer, please notify us ASAP via phone at 651-632-3912 or email so we can acknowledge your generous donation.

EIN: 41-1400421

She Feeds Africa She Feeds the World

Bountifield brings a unique technology solution that will revolutionize local food markets across Africa, supporting rural communities to more efficiently process, save, and sell more food in local food markets and beyond. In Africa, women are the ones primarily responsible for postharvest processing and food preparation, yet at the rural and smallholder level, they often do so by hand or with rudimentary tools that are inefficient and labor intensive. At Bountifield, our programs create more access to resources and support, particularly for women, emphasizing the strengthening of women’s leadership and contributions to their communities for inclusive and sustainable growth.

Stories from the Field

Watch our videos or read our stories below to learn more about how your contributions to Bountifield are creating positive change.

She Feeds Africa Stories

When expanding her small business to include a multi-crop thresher, Jane created rural sector employment opportunities and hired a woman and a young man to work as thresher operators.

Female-Owned Agribusiness Provides Sorghum Threshing Services to Kenyan Farmers