Partnering to Reach Millions More than 800 million people lack access to enough food. Join us in building cross-disciplinary partnerships that will meet the global challenge to eliminate hunger and poverty.

Corporate Partnerships Strengthen your corporate social responsibility program with us.  

Employee Engagement

Incorporating employee participation in nonprofit partnerships grows loyalty, increases retention, and improves morale.


Sponsoring or co-sponsoring events or other activities increases brand recognition and creates positive media attention. Showing your company is committed to good causes can also increase customer loyalty.


Does your company have expertise in agricultural equipment? Reach out to us to explore partnering to create a co-branded technology.

Institutional Partnerships Utilize our services in your development project and scale impact.


We provide expertise in engineering, supply chain and food and agricultural technology for small-scale technology solutions.

Supply Chain Partnerships

We work with African government, manufacturing, and distribution partners for taking needed technology to scale.

Training for Women & Youth in Agribusiness

We invest in farmers as entrepreneurs, also focusing on new opportunities for women and youth, through technical, business/marketing and food safety training.

Recent Partners and Funders

Our Goal

By 2025, we will partner with millions of African farmers and rural entrepreneurs,

filling gaps in postharvest markets so that Africa can feed herself. 

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We are part of the global movement to create a better, healthier, and more sustainable planet. Our work is in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, launched in 2015 as “a global blueprint for dignity, peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future.”

The 17 goals recognize the interwoven nature of economic, social and environmental development and acknowledge that we all must do our part if we are to improve the lives for everyone around the world. Bountifield’s mission and programs proudly contribute to several of these goals.

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