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We fight hunger poverty by equipping communities in Africa with innovative food processing tools, training, and the chance to transform their lives.

Since 1981, we’ve reached 750,00 people with sustainable solutions to end hunger and poverty. Bountifield develops sustainable postharvest tools and business solutions for farmers and entrepreneurs across Africa. By focusing on postharvest solutions, we are investing in African women, who do the vast majority of postharvest farm work and food preparation across the continent.  You can help us create a more bountiful future for all.


For more than 30 years, we've been helping farmers and entrepreneurs improve their lives. Over time, we have expanded to provide services beyond the technology development that gave us our name and we now do so much more.  Compatible Technology International has a new name and a new look to reflect this deepened vision to create sustainable solutions to end hunger and poverty in Africa.

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We partner with farmers and entrepreneurs so they can better nourish and sustain their communities, reduce the drudgery and improve the lives of rural women, and provide sustainable postharvest business solutions across Africa.

We envision a future where farmers and entrepreneurs are the driving force behind the economic growth and social development of their communities, building a future where Africa can feed herself.

We believe in a market-led approach in which we invest in cultivating business opportunities and economic growth of the communities with whom we work.

Our tools help communities process their crops more efficiently while reducing their drudgery and wasted food. Entrepreneurial groups in more than 50 countries around the world are using our grinder to run small businesses.

  • In West Africa, farmers are increasing their grain yields with help from our pearl millet thresher.
  • In Southeast Africa, we’re introducing a new set of tools for harvesting and processing peanuts. With these tools, communities can produce shelled nuts in days instead of months, so they have more high-quality peanuts to eat and sell.

Our technologies, along with the training we provide, create a ripple effect in the communities where they are placed—giving families better nutrition, the time to pursue educations, and the means and skills needed to start micro-enterprises.

Donated funds cover our work that supports tools, training, follow-up, manufacturing, and oversight for all of our programs in Africa.

We have the tools to help everyone rise above poverty. Let’s grind out hunger today.