Happy Holidays

Greetings to our Bountifield Friends this Holiday Season,

I am grateful for all the ways you have helped us reach our goals this year.

Our small team has focused a lot this year on learning, reflecting and positioning this organization for impact. Thanks to you, we have been able to realize these activities in 2019:

  • In Senegal, we started a new initiative with distributors to supply equipment and training for 94 new small-scale food processing technology businesses. We expect that 11,000 people will have more access to more nutritious, locally processed food.
  • In Malawi, we partnered with farmer groups and the Ministry of Agriculture to open a new Food Technology Center. Though nascent, it serves as a crop processing hub for the rural community.
  • We provided business and food safety trainings for over 600 small-scale entrepreneurs.
  • We even partnered with the Soybean Innovation Lab to introduce new technology – a small, motorized multi-crop thresher – into the African market. This machine can process legumes 40 times faster than manual methods, for different cereals and legumes.

As you can see, we have been heavily engaged in laying the groundwork to impact more people, more quickly. Tools and services for the most vulnerable.

And of course, this year we began the transition from CTI/Compatible Technology International to our new name, Bountifield International. This new name along with a new logo reflects a continuation and deepening of our mission – to provide postharvest processing tools to the rural poor. Now we want to do more to achieve equitable growth and locally sourced food supply across Africa.

At the end of this year, we are taking a breath and getting ready for all that we will do in 2020. Please stay tuned for announcements in January regarding new activity and a plan to reach more people with needed tools and services in the years to come.

Peace and light,

Alexandra Spieldoch
Bountifield International | CTI