Creating Business Opportunity BRIDGING GAPS IN MARKETS

Agriculture is the most prevalent occupation around the world and one of the largest sources of income among the rural poor. However, African entrepreneurs striving to increase their capacity lack access to quality postharvest processing equipment because current technologies are often designed for larger, more formal operations. 

Increasing Capacity to Produce, Preserve, and Sell More Food

Smallholder communities struggle to produce a surplus food supply that can be sold at the market. Limited access to support or resources for alternative farming methods mitigate opportunities for cultivating new business opportunities or expanding distribution of food products to reach a wider range of consumers. Minimal employment opportunities result in a surplus of youth migrating to more urban areas to find work, only to perpetuate the challenges of maintaining farms.

At Bountifield, we recognize the need to invest in business models at the community level to increase quality food supply and expanding employment opportunities. If we invest in smallholder farms and entrepreneurs, local business operators will be able to produce, preserve and sell more food. 

We provide a portfolio of high-capacity technology solutions, partnerships with the African private sector to fill this gap in the market. Our approach creates jobs within the African continent — at the local, regional and national levels.

With support from Bountifield, rural entrepreneurs are empowered to directly participate in markets and increase influence in the economic development
growth of their communities. 

Business Solutions Packages

Customizable Crop and Food Technology Businesses

Women's Group in Senegal

The lack of investment in Africa has left communities stuck in time, with little opportunity to advance beyond subsistence. As more people are migrating to cities, there is increased stress on the ability of rural communities to sustain themselves. We can change this trend by investing in food and agriculture, including value addition and new innovation as key strategies for development. 

Bountifield partners with food technology business start-ups, based in villages or market towns, that are owned and managed by local entrepreneurs or farmer groups. These start-ups offer farmers cost-effective postharvest services for crop processing, improved quality and increased nutritional value.  



Local Technicians for Repair and Maintenance

Agricultural equipment from NGOs are often dropped into communities with no system for repair and maintenance and/or post-sales support. This well-intentioned innovation often does not work and farmers are left having to deal with it themselves. They have no support even though huge amounts of resources have been spent on their behalf.

Bountifield tools are supported by field technicians in local communities who are trained in repair and maintenance. Investing in their talent and capacity to help others strengthens local economies. Backed by this support network within their own community, farmers can greatly increase their livelihoods and plan for their future.