Nourishing Communities

Solving hunger is not just about fixing the problem of a lack of food but rather building the capacity of communities to produce more food, and reduce the loss of crops during the postharvest process.

Partnering With Farmers and Entrepreneurs to Save Food and Improve Food Systems

For many farmers, limited resources reduce their ability to process food beyond only what is necessary to feed their families.

Without the ability to produce more income-generating products, families are able to consume only the specific crops they themselves harvest. Limitations on crop diversity forces families to go without a nutritious and balanced diet. Ineffective methods for food storage also creates a dependency on the harvest season, and food loss vulnerability keeps families food insecure throughout the year.

We partner with farmers and entrepreneurs to save more food and get it from field to market.

Bountifield introduces innovations that not only improve postharvest processing, but also increase capacity to safely store and preserve food, reducing the loss of crops to just five percent.

In sub-Saharan Africa


worth of grain is lost after harvest every year



of crops lost after the harvest

To create sustainable impact we provide:

  • Food science and safety training that improves the quality of food products generated using Bountifield technology.
  • High-output postharvest tools, allowing farmers to process more of their yield before spoilage.
  • Technical training to expand local capacity of repair and maintenance of their tools.
  • Solutions for preserving crops, maintaining nutrients and improving ability to provide their families with a diverse diet.
  • Connections with local markets and support services to expand distribution of food supply, reaching more consumers.