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Fighting Poverty and Hunger

Poverty and hunger are often talked about in connection with one another because they are intrinsically linked together. Hunger hinders people from reaching their full potential as productive contributors to society, and living on less than $2 a day results in constant struggles to properly provide for and nourish their families. The combined cyclical nature of both of these factors makes it difficult for individuals to pull themselves out of the poverty trap. 

By replacing traditional manual methods of processing food, farmers are able to produce a surplus of product to both feed their families and increase their household income.

At Bountifield, we are dedicated to finding solutions that enable rural farmers and entrepreneurs to advance their circumstances by utilizing a sustainable approach for long-term positive results. We have seen the impact of our work go beyond reducing hunger and poverty with results reflecting economic growth and improvements in health and overall well-being of the people with whom we have partnered.

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Improving Food Quality

By replacing traditional manual methods of processing food, not only are farmers able to produce a surplus of product to both feed their families and increase their household income, but they are also adding value to their crops by utilizing more efficient methods that maintain the quality and nutritional benefits. Manual methods can often damage the structure of the grain, making it more susceptible to spoilage. Introducing newer technologies not only saves time and reduces the grueling physicality of the labor, but it also results in a more nutrient-rich product. In addition, food science training allows farmers and entrepreneurs to learn safer methods of preparing and processing foods, reducing the risk of spreading food-borne illnesses and improving the health of consumers.

Market Development

Connections to markets and other distribution channels cultivates more economic activity and a wider reach of consumers. Business training and support expands their opportunities for growth and development in ways that they had little to no access to in the past.

Nurturing Families

Women are more likely to reinvest their income in the well-being of their families. For women, increased income means their children are able to attend school equipped with the supplies they need. Children can go to school with full bellies, improving their concentration on their studies. Families have the ability to access healthcare and purchase other food products to diversify their diets and nourish their communities. By investing in economic empowerment of women, we are investing in the health, education and future of the next generation.

Investing in Economic Growth — Building Local Capacity

A foundational focus on investing in building local capacity for entrepreneurial development is at the core of our belief.  With our sustainable postharvest solutions, we empower individuals to maximize their potential and recognize their own capability of taking their community's development into their own hands. At Bountifield, we focus on designing gender-inclusive solutions to meet the unique needs of farmers and entrepreneurs, expanding opportunities that help them effectively generate income from the food they produce. Our market-led approach means we invest in developing systems and programs that are self-sustaining and cultivate an eco-system of technical and business support, creating jobs and expanding opportunities for farmers, artisans and entrepreneurs.
By increasing the capacity of communities, we are working toward our goal of helping the people of Africa become more self-sufficient and feed themselves.