Investing in a Sustainable Future

The Bountifield model creates a vibrant rural entrepreneurship that reduces drudgery and postharvest losses while promoting healthy communities, inclusive growth and resilient food systems across Africa.

Reverberating Impact

Bountifield brings a unique technology solution that responds to today’s climate challenges, rural unemployment, and food insecurity across Africa for healthy diets, healthy communities, and a healthy planet.

With over
years of experience
and tools in
we've impacted over
people around the world.

Social Return on Investment

Our Theory of Change

Our three-pillar model is designed to fill the gap of postharvest technology for small-scale farmers, creating access to essential business and financial resources. The result is thriving local food systems inclusively led by women, men and youth.


For every $1 invested, there is a projected
in social value throughout rural communities.


Our projected outcomes include improved livelihoods, increased earnings, increased business capacity and improved nutrition. This not only benefits the entrepreneurs we work with, but also has a significant impact for smallholder farmers and their families.

Impact by the Numbers

In one harvest season in Kenya,

of crops
of time and manual labor.

Inclusive Growth

Growth must be shared by everyone – no matter their gender, age, or income level. With our tools and training, we cultivate programs that are appropriate and accessible to all who can benefit.


The gender gap in agriculture.

Advancing gender equity is especially important in the field of agriculture. Across Africa, women account for an average of 60% of the agricultural workforce, yet they have less access to resources that are often more available to men including business education, technical support, and financial capital.


The missing middle.

Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) account for 90% of registered businesses in Africa. Commonly referred to as the "missing middle," there is very little investment in these entrepreneurs, even though they have the greatest potential to reach those living with extreme hunger.


A generation at risk.

Youth lack are three times more likely to be unemployed, despite the fact that 60% of the population across Africa is under the age of 25. Because of limited job options and skills training, rural youth are migrating to urban areas in search of opportunities, leaving rural communities vulnerable to an unstable future.

By paying attention to these particular groups, we are ensuring that our programs are reaching those need access to resources the most. We strive to achieve equitable growth across gender and generations where community members have the opportunity to position themselves as leaders of transformative and resilient food systems.

Food Security & Nutrition

Food security means that people have consistent access to enough food to survive and to lead healthy lives. Smallholder farmers are dependent on the crops they grow, process, and save to feed their families, which is not always sufficient to support themselves year-round.

With new access to postharvest processing technology, rural communities increase the quantity and quality of food to feed their families. Crops are also less likely to be damaged or contaminated, resulting in higher quality food. This strengthens the local food supply, and improves accessibility to a consistent, nutritious diet.

Resiliency & Livelihoods

The challenges of access to resources combined with the adverse effects of climate change have resulted in limitations of farm productivity for rural smallholder communities.

At Bountifield, we are focused on investing more time and energy on creating entrepreneurial opportunities, that provide critical support resources for smallholder farms. This helps to strengthen local food economies, filling the gaps in technology access for farmers while diversifying job opportunities closer to home. Farmers save time and labor with the opportunity to increase incomes and profit-margins, an impact that reverberates through their families and communities.

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Our work is in alignment with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global movement to create a healthier, sustainable, and more equitable planet. Launched in 2015, the SDGs provide “a global blueprint for dignity, peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future.”

The 17 goals recognize the interwoven nature of economic, social and environmental development and acknowledge that we all must do our part. Bountifield’s mission and programs proudly contribute to several of these goals.

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