Feeding a Growing Population

At the current rate of growth, the population of sub-Saharan Africa is expected to double by 2050. But without improving food systems, feeding a growing population will be even more challenging when considering that 820 million people around the globe already experience chronic hunger.

While this demand requires an increase in food production, we believe a key strategy to feeding a growing population is to more effectively preserve food that is already produced. Across sub-Saharan Africa, roughly one third of all crops are lost postharvest before even making it to market, yet, only 5% of all agricultural investment goes to postharvest solutions.

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Postharvest Solutions Provider

This is why we focus on postharvest solutions. We implement programs and strategies to sustainably reduce hunger and poverty by supporting rural communities with opportunities to process, save, and sell more food. Postharvest technologies, decrease loss, improve output, and increase local food supply.

With our technical expertise and nearly 40 years of experience, we focus on mechanizing postharvest processing while supporting entrepreneurial development in rural communities for cultivating a thriving agricultural industry and resilient food systems.

Fighting Hunger & Poverty with Opportunity Our Strategic Approach

Market Assessment

Across our programs, we assess the needs of rural agricultural communities to design an appropriate strategy. We identify the greatest bottlenecks in the markets for processing, preserving and selling food. We determine what crops will benefit from improved efficiencies and the postharvest technologies that could provide the greatest ROI for output, time and labor saved, affordability, and local accessibility.


While there is a great need for postharvest technologies, there is a significant gap between what is affordable and accessible to smallholder farmers. This is why we support the development of micro, small & medium enterprises (MSMEs) centered around postharvest technologies. Through rental or fee-for-service business models, a single tool has a wider impact by creating affordable access to tools.


In each of our programs, we develop local partnerships with the private sector to not only support the successful implementation of our activities but to also connect existing actors along the supply and value chains to strengthen an eco-system of agricultural support. These partnerships also help us to evaluate achievements and areas of improvement for our programs.

Support Beyond the Tool

A "Business in a Box"

Over the years we have learned that gaps in resources for rural communities is not restricted to farming technologies. That is why our support does not end with the delivery of a tool. With our "Business in a Box" model, we provide additional training and mentorship, tailored to the needs across our programs. Depending on the tool, the entrepreneur, group, or the crop, we develop curriculum that includes use, maintenance, and repair of the tools as well as how to maximize business potential. From topics on setting rental prices or producing a range of value-added products, we are dedicated to supporting rural entrepreneurial development with sustainable growth and success.  

Technical Support

Even when tools are available in the market, end-users are often left without after-market technical support. We provide technical training for not only the end-users but for other individuals in the community to maintain technical resources that are locally available.

Business Training

Without access to development resources, young entrepreneurs and MSMEs struggle to sustainably grow their businesses. Depending on need, we provide additional training and mentorship on a range of topics from financial management, product pricing, and marketing best-practices.


A key strategy for adaptation of postharvest technologies is buy-in through personal investment, but limited access to capital creates impossible hurdles for making tools affordable. Our model includes co-investment along with our partners, decreasing startup costs for new businesses.

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