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Fighting Hunger with Opportunity

While 820 million people live with hunger, 1.3 billion metric tons of food is lost or wasted every year. An amount that could feed 1.6 billion people. This means we already produce enough to feed everyone on the planet, if we improve the way we process and preserve food.

Join us in the fight against hunger with innovative solutions that help rural Africa sustainably decrease postharvest losses. You can help rural communities to process, save, and sell more food.

Postharvest Technologies

With proper technologies, postharvest loss can decrease from an average of 33.3% to just 5%, significantly increasing the amount of food available at markets. And, in the midst of a global pandemic, effective processing and storage practices are key to building more resilient food economies that recover more quickly to market disruptions.

Nutritious Food

Often times, manual labor means food is vulnerable to contamination and spoilage due to inefficient processing and unsafe storage practices. But with improved access to postharvest technologies, rural communities can process their harvest faster and preserve more of their crops, resulting in cleaner, more nutritious food that meets market standards.

Women & Youth Entrepreneurs

African women are responsible for the majority of postharvest labor, yet lack resources to help make their work efficient. Similarly, youth are 3x more likely to be unemployed than adults. Our solutions support women and youth with resources they need to increase their entrepreneurial skills and create opportunities to expand their own agribusinesses.

COVID-19 Impact on Hunger

2020 has been a difficult year all around the world with a pandemic that has affected the lives of nearly everyone on the planet in some way. But the impact of COVID-19 goes far beyond a health crisis with disruptions to economies, global trade, and food systems. The pandemic will have serious implications on food security putting millions of people at risk of starvation, with sub-Saharan Africa particularly vulnerable.

But we can help rural communities to fight hunger and poverty with opportunities. With improved access to postharvest technologies and services, entrepreneurs and farmers can rise above the challenges they face with more resilient food systems and a thriving local food supply.

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Global Food Systems

To commemorate World Food Day 2020, we asked Bountifield Advisory Board member, Christina Connelly, to share insights into the global agricultural trade and its impact on economic growth and development in our latest guest blog.

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