Women Entrepreneurs Leading Resilient Food Systems in Africa

While the coronavirus pandemic has been disruptive to the daily lives of everyone around the world, it also both highlights and exacerbates inequities of specific groups of people. One of these inequities is that of gender differences, particularly for those in rural areas. With more needs for caretaking of family during various stages of lockdown,…

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Women Entrepreneurs Expand Business Opportunities With Tools and Training

Women at a training session in Senegal.

Though women traditionally account for the majority of postharvest processing responsibilities, they often have limited technical support and lack access to resources that help them grow their own agribusinesses. In Senegal, we recently partnered with 30 women’s groups to provide postharvest training and support. With our gender-inclusive training, women are able to expand their skills…

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Bountifield Celebrates Grand Opening of Food Technology Center in Malawi

Bountifield International is excited to celebrate the opening of a new Food Technology Center (FTC) in Mikundi, Malawi. The FTC is creating new business potential among smallholder farmers with postharvest tools and training. This center officially opened in June and expects to see over 2000 smallholder farmers benefit from the resources provided. Established in collaboration…

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