Our Programs

We conduct in-depth market research to understand both the need and the opportunity of the country. We have developed a model that can be implemented across Africa but each program is tailored to meet the needs of the communities in which we work in order to multiply impact. We focus on staple crops that are nutritious and climate resilient. We identify, assess and approve the most appropriate technologies available based on output, price, mobility, and suitability for the crop.

Current Programs

Kenya - "Mavuno Bora"

Mavuno Bora, Swahili for “Better Harvest,” is our flagship program for our three-pillar model. Funded by the van Lengerich family and the Seeding the Future Foundation, this program launched in Kenya in early 2020 to improve the lives of women and men, young and old, by unlocking access to cost-effective postharvest tools. Mavuno Bora focuses on partnering with entrepreneurs to develop fee-for-service agribusinesses that provide direct postharvest processing support to smallholder farmers in their communities.

One-to-Many Approach

Through our one-to-many approach, we work directly with micro, small and medium size enterprises to help them establish fee-for-service businesses that support rural farmers with access to postharvest technologies. This means that one tool in the hands of entrepreneur can reach hundreds of farmers for improved postharvest processing that reduces food loss, increases incomes and strengthens food security for entire communities.



We are conduct market research on available postharvest technologies through meticulous evaluation of the needs of the farmers based on crops and specific challenges to identify the right tool for the right job.

Busines Services

Busines Services

We work with micro-entrepreneurs to conduct business training ranging from financial management to digital marketing support to help each enterprise position themselves for success.



One of the biggest business hurdles, especially for women and youth, is access to financial capital. We look to fill this gap by identifying private sector partners that can unlock financial investment for these micro-enterprises.

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